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Thursday, December 9, 2021
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    The German occupation of Thessaloniki in 1941 was to fundamentally change the life of the Jews of the city. Reina was born during the German occupation of Thessaloniki, in 1942. Her father, Albertos Siakki, managed to escape persecution by joining the resistance in the mountains. Her mother, Eda de...


    Sifis (Iossif) Venturas was born in 1938 Chanea, Crete. His particularly wealthy family originally came from medieval Venice and had kept their Italian citizenship. In 1942 the local Gestapo began considering the issue of the island’s Jews. The Jewish Community had to hand in a register, listing the names...

    Exhibition Contibutors

    Exhibition Curator: Zanet Battinou Archaelogist - Director J.M.G. Museological - Museographical Study: Dr. Evridiki Antzoulatou - Retsila Ethnologist - Folklorist - Museologist Associate Professor of the Ionian University Research - Texts - English Translations: Alexios - Nikolaos Menexiadis Cand. PhD History Proofreading: Ilia Iatrou Additional Translations: Kay - Elvina Sutton Graphic Design and Catalogue Cover Artistic Processing: Hayia Cohen Graphic Designer Constructions: Tassos Abatzis Sculptor - Painter Panel Printing: Stavros...