Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Permanent Exhibition

Temporary Exhibitions Area

Next are the Temporary Exhibitions Area and the Benrubi Art Gallery, while the last level houses the Museum’s rich library and reading room, accessible to the...

Sixth Level / Everyday Life. The Cycle of Life

The sixth level of the permanent exhibition includes a small sitting room, specially designed to offer the visitor a brief rest. The wall panelling is colourfully painted...

Fifth Level / Costumes

In the next, fifth level, traditional costumes are exhibited from Romaniote and Sephardic communities of Greece.  Festive and wedding outfits of the Sephadric women of Thessalonica...

Fourth Level / Shoah Area

The fourth level contains the area devoted to the Holocaust (Shoah). The subject is examined in four specially designed displays, which cover the events during...

Area for Video Projections

Next is a small area for video projections, where visitors can watch a bilingual guided tour of the Museum or educational films.

Second Level / History of the Greek Jews

The second level marks the beginning of the part of the Museum that is devoted to history, covering the long period from the 3rd century B.C.E. until...

First Level / Jewish Holidays

On the first level, the display contains items pertaining to the Jewish calendar and the cycle of holidays, with special emphasis on the customs peculiar...

Ground Floor / Synagogual Artifacts and Ritual Textiles

The ground floor contains exhibits pertaining to synagogue rites. The restored interior of the old Romaniote Synagogue of Patras can be found here. Three of the nearby...

Permanent Exhibition

The unique collection of the Jewish Museum of Greece includes more than 10,000 objects, the oldest of which are textiles and ante nuptial contracts...

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