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40 years of active presence

Sunday, June 11, 2023


    The Jews of Greece: 2,300 Years of History and Tradition

    The exhibition was presented as part of the 53rd Frankfurt International Book Fair, whose guest of honour for the year 2001 was Greece. The exhibition...

    “Search for a Face”

    The group art exhibition opened to the public on June 25th, 2001 and lasted until January 2001. The exhibition represents an attempt to answer...

    “Children’s Images and Objects of the Century Past”

    The exhibition “Children's Images and Objects of the Century Past”, showcases a nostalgic look at infancy and childhood covering a period from the end...

    “The Jewish Community of Volos”

    The opening ceremony of the temporary exhibition of photographs and artefacts, “The Jewish Community of Volos” took place, at the Jewish Museum of Greece,...

    “Remembrance” by Artemis Alcalay

    The temporary art exhibition "Remembrance" by Artemis Alcalay, took place in the Museum’s Contemporary Art Gallery, thanks to the kind sponsorship of the Association of...

    “Shoah” by Falis Leon

    In April 1999, the artist Falis Leon donated 11 of his paintings to the Jewish Museum of Greece. The works comprise a series under...

    “Photographs from the Jewish Community of Rhodes”

    Photographs of the Jewish Community of the Ιsland of Rhodes were exhibited at the temporary exhibitions area of the Jewish Museum of Greece. The...

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