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    Historical and Ethnographic Temporary Exhibitions

    “Jewish Neighbourhoods of Greece”

    Ιn May 2008 the Jewish Museum of Greece inaugurated the temporary exhibition “Jewish Neighbourhoods of Greece”. This exhibition aims to explore several aspects of life in the Jewish neighbourhoods of Greece, mostly before the war. The exhibition makes no attempt to formulate any unique, sensational conclusion - it is a...

    “Hidden Children in Occupied Greece”

    September 2003 saw the opening of the exhibition “Hidden Children in Occupied Greece” at the Jewish Museum of Greece. The exhibition explores the subject of hidden Jewish children during the Occupation, through sixteen stories of youngsters from all over Greece. The stories cover the wide range of experiences, developments and...

    “Children’s Images and Objects of the Century Past”

    The exhibition “Children's Images and Objects of the Century Past”, showcases a nostalgic look at infancy and childhood covering a period from the end of the 19th century till the 1950's, lasting from June 2000 until February 2001. The aim of the Jewish Museum  of Greece was to stir...

    “The Jewish Community of Volos”

    The opening ceremony of the temporary exhibition of photographs and artefacts, “The Jewish Community of Volos” took place, at the Jewish Museum of Greece, on February 27th, 2000. The exhibition lasted until May 2001.

    “Photographs from the Jewish Community of Rhodes”

    Photographs of the Jewish Community of the Ιsland of Rhodes were exhibited at the temporary exhibitions area of the Jewish Museum of Greece. The photographs were collected by Aaron Hasson, founder of the Jewish Museum of Rhodes. The exhibition opened in March 1998 and lasted twelve months.