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40 years of active presence

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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    Past educational activities 2001

    Customary annual lecture at the J.M.G.

    On January 29, students of the Hellenic Children's Museum Seminar for Museum Educators attended the customary annual lecture at the J.M.G., on issues of...

    Educational day for families

    An educational day for families was organised, in collaboration with the Hellenic Children's Museum. Its subject was “Easter and Pesach” and both parents and...

    Meeting with Ms. Stella Priovolou

    A meeting with Ms. Stella Priovolou, Special Secretary of Intercultural Education of the Greek Ministry of Education, took place in October, during which she...

    More than 26 schools visited the Jewish Museum’s exhibition

    More than 26 schools visited the Jewish Museum's exhibition “Children's faces and objects of a century past” and participated in educational programmes based on...

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