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40 years of active presence

Saturday, December 9, 2023

    Association of Greek Friends

    The role of the Association of Friends has been of paramount importance for the foundation and subsequent development of the Museum, the acquisition of its legal status, and its being housed in its own premises. Today, after the latter goal has been achieved, the aim of the Association of Friends is to ensure the future of the Museum, by organising a special campaign in both Greece and abroad to raise the funds necessary for the Museum to continue its work.

    Today, the Association of Friends numbers almost 800 members, who, with their regular moral and financial support as well as with donations of items for the Museum’s collection, contribute to the Museum’s achieving its goals.

    Τhe Association’s Board of Directors is as follows:

    • President:  Errikos Arones
    • Vice President:  Minos Matsas
    • Secretary: Zakinos Cohen
    • Treasurer:  Sergios Mordoh
    • Members:  Μikis Modiano, Errikos Abravanel, Victor-Haim Asser

    The Board appointed as its representatives to the Board of Directors of the J.M.G. the following: Mr. Μikis Modiano, Mr. Sergio Mordoh, and Mr. Errikos Abravanel.

    The Association appeals to you to join the Friends of the Museum and support its important historical, ethnographical, cultural and social mission. Your donations or membership fees contribute to the work of an important cultural and educational organisation, while at the same time allowing you to enjoy special privileges in the Museum and all its activities.

    Great Benefactors

    The Jewish Museum of Greece owes a lot to its benefactors, whose donations made possible, not only its foundation and continued existence, but also its gradual evolution into a modern Museum of the highest standards. Those who have mainly supported the Museum are the Greek state and official bodies of the Greek Jews, while several individuals, from all over the world, have also made significant contributions. The names of its benefactors are honoured by the Museum, by way of special dedicatory plates or by dedicating halls or display cases of the exhibition to their name.

    Great Benefactors 
    Greek Ministry of Culture

    Central Jewish Board of Greece
    Jewish Community of Thessaloniki
    American Friends of the Jewish Museum of Greece

    (in alphabetical order)

    Abravanel Errikos
    Abravanel – Davari Lisa
    Abravanel Freddy
    Benroubi Sam
    Colonimou – Toyia Rachel-Milka
    Covo Dario
    Kaimi Giulio
    Mallat Alexandros
    Matsas Makis
    Recanati Harry
    Restis Bella
    Rose Daniel & Johana
    Saltiel Maurice (Family)