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Friday, December 1, 2023

    Alvertos-Avraam Amon (1925)


    Volos 1945.

    Alvertos-Avraam was born in Volos in 1925. His father was called Samuel, owner of a bed factory and a shop. His mother was Julia, née Franses. The family had three children, Victor-Haïm (b. 1922), Alvertos-Avraam and Itzhak-Tzeik (b. 1931). Their house was on Riga Fereou street. During the Occupation, the family hid in the village of Kanalia and they all survived. Alvertos joined ELAS (the Greek People’s Liberation Army) and served in various regions of Eastern Thessaly. He was discharged from ELAS after the civil strife of December 1944. He returned to Volos and started the family business again, and from 1946-1949 he served in the army. Afterthewar, variousmembersof his family emigrated to Israel, his younger brother Itzhak being the first one. Alvertos was the last in his family to emigrate, settling in Israel in 1949. There he encountered a woman who he had first met on a trip to Athens. They were married in the early 1950s and had two children. In Israel he continued the occupation he had in Athens, opening a bed factory with his older brother. Later he also run a furniture shop.

    He was interviewed in 2017 at his house in Israel by Eleni Beze.

    Excerpt from the interview:

    On the lookout

    The Staff Company of the 54th ELAS Regiment at Flambouri monastery, in Veneto, Magnesia, Thessaly. (JMG Photo Archive).

    The Germans would come to the village to steal. Since school I was in EPON [the Youth Resistance Organisation]. My [older] brother was in EAM [National Liberation Front]. I was in a church, on the lookout [to warn] lest the Germans come. Well, once when I was in Epano Kerasia and the Germans came up, the villagers on the road [told me that] the Germans were coming from Volos. And I warned [the guerrillas] to leave. Then I went into the mountains. We were always on the move.