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Sunday, October 1, 2023

    Accreditation-Recognition of the Jewish Museum of Greece by the Ministry of Culture and Sports

    The Jewish Museum of Greece announces with great pleasure and honour that its application for recognition-certification submitted a few months ago to the Museums’ Council of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been unanimously accepted.

    The evaluation-accreditation of the Jewish Museum was on the basis of the criteria set by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and concerns the adequacy of services offered by a museum to visitors, its staff, building infrastructure and, of course, the management of its collections. The voluntarily evaluation process is based on the best and most modern practices in the field of museology. The process does not concern licensing, but improvement through evaluation.

    The positive recommendation for the certification of the Jewish Museum was made by the Directorate of Modern Cultural Heritage, at the meeting of 6 July 2020. This decision makes the JMG the second private museum to receive the Accreditation Logo from the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The Jewish Museum successfully completed the evaluation procedure by submitting the required documents. It now enjoys official recognition that it has been organised and operates in accordance with the professional and scientific standards established by the Ministry of Culture, in accordance with the specifications of article 45 of Law 3028/2002, on which the 2011 ministerial decision “On the establishment and recognition of museums”, which includes non-state museums, is based.

    Minister of Culture and Sports Lina Mendoni said: “Today, 81 years since the Nazis discussed the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” in January 1942, the Jewish Museum in Athens is a historical place of remembrance, not only for the Greek Jewish martyrs and heroes of the Holocaust, but for the citizens of the entire world who must preserve in their historical memory the horrific errors that tarnished human history. The Jewish Museum is the second non-state museum to enter the evaluation process … The “accredited” museum has an increased chance of being included in funding programs and of being dealt with flexibly, concerning issues of mobility of collections and cooperation with other countries. At the same time, it belongs to a group of museums that bear a special Accreditation Logo and enjoy special privileges.”

    The Jewish Museum of Greece