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40 years of active presence

Thursday, September 21, 2023

    Accounts and Epic Images of 1940

    The Athens War Museum organised an exhibition on ‘Accounts and Epic Images of 1940’, within the context of its general aims, while also supporting the Greek Community of Montreal in events to mark the 100 years since it was established. The exhibition was dedicated to the Greek people’s struggle against the Axis forces (1940-44) and was opened on 15/09/06 by Minister of National Defence Mr I. Lambropoulos. Most prominent among the exhibits was the special section devoted to the suffering of Greek Jews during World War II and to the help Greek Christians afforded them. On display was the text of the protest and petition against the ‘deportation’ of the Jews of Thessaloniki that was signed by Archbishop Damascinos and a great number of eminent Greek people, as well as photographs of mass arrests made in Ioannina, Didymoticho and Thessaloniki, and false identity cards giving their religion as Orthodox Christian – all supplied by the Jewish Museum of Greece. The section aroused great interest among visitors.