Account book

Account book of the communal organization Hevrah de Pisha, Ioannina, 1924 – 1925
Paper, blue ink, 24 x 16 cm
JMG collection

The Jewish Community of Ioannina encompassed a wide range of charitable, religious or social-welfare societies, which were operated by volunteers and provided support and financial aid for various purposes, such as food and money for the poor, visits to the sick and burial services or religious education. One of these organizations distributed to the community members kosher goods for the Passover, which are required to observe the specific dietary prescriptions of this holiday.
The “Account book for income and outcome of flour, unleavened bread (Matzot) and sugar of the Jewish Community” (Βιβλίον λογαριασμού εισπράξεων και πληρωμών αλεύρων, άζυμων και σακχάρεως της Ισραηλιτικής Κοινότητος) documents the work of the organization during the years 1924 – 1925. The purchase and the distribution of the kosher goods for Pessah was operated by Nissim Koffina and Eliezer Samuel Isaac, who noted carefully in the account book the date, the amount of money paid and the names of the members of the Jewish Community of Ioannina, who acquired Matzot, flour and sugar for their family household.

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