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40 years of active presence

Sunday, May 28, 2023

    4th Highschool of Kavala

    For the third consecutive year, the event in memory of the Holocaust took place at the 4th High School of Kavala.

    This year, students were presented some stories of rescue (the cases of Archbishop Damaskinos, Zakynthos, etc.) through a text read by four students, as well as the screening of relevant excerpts from the JMG’s DVD “The Second World War and the Holocaust of the Greeks 1941-1945”. The reading was accompanied by the music from the films “The Pianist” and “Life Is Beautiful”. At the same time, Power Point images related to the Holocaust were viewed, taken from the internet and from my personal archive created during visits to Auschwitz, Krakow and elsewhere.

    In the following days, the films “The Song of Life” and “Trails of the Soul” will be screened as well. Finally, a visit at the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki has been scheduled for February 27 with the students of the second grade to gain further information.

    Giannis Karalis
    4th Highschool of Kavala.