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Title: Mappah

Date: [1849] [Dedication]

Creator: Hannah, wife of Judah Abraham Russo (?)

Description: Tik (Torah case) wrapper, faded blue cotton, wine red centrepiece with gold chain stitch embroidery in secondary use, with dedicatory strip in tablet weaving technique, donated by Hannah in memory of her husband Judah Abraham Russo, Ioannina.

Language: Heb.

Format: H83; W102 cm; cotton; silk; metal

Rights: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Data Provider: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Provider: Judaica Europeana, Greece

Source: The Jewish Museum of Greece

Provenance: Ioannina Community

Subject: Textile, synagogual textile, Torah, embroidery, domestic textile, Jewish Community of Ioannina

Type: image

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