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  International Memberships and Associations

Cooperation among foundations and organisations is not only a fact but also a must in the global village of the 21st century. The Jewish Museum of Greece cooperates with several museums from all over the world, while being a member of several international organisations.

The Museum has often worked with branches of the Greek government (such as the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Culture, Media, and Education) either in research programmes or in the creation of international travelling exhibitions. It has also represented Greece in European and International conferences several times.

The J.M.G. has also created educational programmes in cooperation with other Greek museums, such as the Hellenic Children?s Museum, the Byzantine and Christian Museum, and the Benaki Museum Collection of Islamic Art. It has also worked with schools and cultural centres in producing exhibitions, and in publications of photographic material or historical works, all with material from its Archive.

The Museum has worked with several museums and foundations abroad, such as the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., the Yad Vashem Foundation in Jerusalem, the Goethe Institute in Thessalonica, the Jewish University of Jerusalem, the Jewish Museum of Prague, and the Imperial War Museum of London.


  • The Jewish Museum of Greece took part in the International Conference of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCΕ), which took place in April in Berlin, Germany. Its subject was Anti-Semitism and its aim was to develop measures to face it. This was the second such conference and 600 delegates from 55 countries participated. Once more, the J.M.G. organised the Greek stand; it also took part in workshops on Intercultural Education and Holocaust Education.
  • In November, the annual conference of the Association of European Jewish Museums took part in Istanbul. The Jewish Museum, as Vice-president and Treasurer of the Board of AEJM, presented the previous year's financial report.



  • The Jewish Museum?s Director was chosen to take part in the Foreign Visitors Programme of the U.S. State Department, during which she visited museums in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Los Angeles and made international contacts. As a result of that trip the J.M.G. was accepted in the International Partnership among Museums Exchange Program (IPAM), which is organised by the American Museums Association to promote co-operation among museums and museum professionals from the U.S.A. and the rest of the world.
  • In January, the Museum took part in the conference of the Council of American Jewish Museums in Philadelphia, U.S.A., representing the Board of the Association of European Jewish Museums. The conference was titled “350 years of American Jewish Life”.
  • The J.M.G. contributed two texts to the conference “Jewish Culture in the Balkans”, which was organised in April by the Jewish Community of Thessalonica. One was about the Jewish Community of Ioannina, Greece, and the other about the Future of the European Jewish Museums.


  • The J.M.G. took part in the international conference “Restoration and Documentation of the Jewish Cemeteries of Europe” organised by the Jewish Museum of Bologna, in Ferrara, Italy, in April.
  • In October, the Museum took part in a particularly interesting conference-cum-workshop for Museum Directors, titled “Museums at Crossroads”, which was organised by the European Museum Forum in Parma, Italy.
  • During the November conference of the Association of European Jewish Museums, in Bologna, Italy, the J.M.G. was again voted part of the Board, this time serving as Vice-president and Treasurer.


  • The J.M.G. took part in the “European Museum of the year 2001” contest and took a place among the 25 top museums of Europe.
  • Invited to take part in the 53rd International Book Fair of Frankfurt, Germany, the J.M.G. produced a three-part presentation: the exhibition “The Jews of Greece: 2300 years of History and Tradition”, the art exhibition “Remembrance” by Ms. Artemis Alcalay and a concert of Sephardic and Romaniote songs by an 18-member choir, all of which took place on premises of the Jewish Museum of Frankfurt.


  • The Jewish Museum took part in the first Conference on Memory, Research and Education of the Holocaust, which took place between the 24th and 28th of January in Stockholm, Sweden. The creation of the International Task Force for Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research was a result of this conference.
  • The J.M.G. took part in the General Assembly of the Association of European Museums, which was organised by the Jewish Museum of Prague, Czech Republic, in March. The conference discussed issues of the association, and the J.M.G. presented slides of its new premises. It was also elected part of the new, five-member Board of the Association.
  • The Jewish Museum took part in the International Conference organised by the Jewish Community of Thessalonica on April 16th and 17th, titled “Judeo-Espaniol. A language in search of its people”. A few days later, several of the participants, accompanied by Ms. Rena Molho, visited the J.M.G. and were given a guided tour of the exhibiton.
  • After an invitation of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the J.M.G. took part in the Greek delegation that took part in the international conference “Holocaust Forum on Nazi Era Looted Cultural Assets” in Vilnius, Lithuania, in October. The Jewish Museum produced the poster of the Greek delegation and organised the Greek stand, with a short exhibition of photographs from its archive and information material on the conference?s topic and the Jewish Museum's work.


  • The Jewish Museum of Greece hosted and contributed to a Seminar of History, Ethnography and Music of the Jews of Greece, organised by the Jewish University of Jerusalem.
  • The J.M.G. took part in an International Conference in Paris on the European Jewish Cultural and Architectural Heritage.
  • The Museum represented Greece in “Raphael-Oikos II”, the two-year-long programme of the E.U. whose aim was to demonstrate (by means of a CD-Rom and a travelling exhibition) how a smaller national or religious community can peacefully co-exist and enrich the larger community around it. The Oxfordshire Museum and the Setubal Museum also took part, representing the U.K. and Portugal, respectively.
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