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  Fourth Level / Shoah Area

The fourth level contains the area devoted to the Holocaust (Shoah). The subject is examined in four specially designed displays, which cover the events during the German Occupation, starting with the first anti-Semitic measures in Thessalonica in 1941, until the liberation of the few survivors of the concentration camps in 1945. The subject being so sensitive, an attempt has been made to convey the atmosphere of confusion, terror and agony of those days, to present the events as the participants experienced them, not as they were later perceived from a safe historical perspective. Biographical notes of the people, whose belongings are seen in the displays, underline to the visitor the fact that the Holocaust’s victims were real flesh-and-blood people, no different than any of us.

An issue that was further explored, after recent research, is that of the participation of Greek Jews in the Resistance. The area also presents the brave stance of eponymous Greek Christians. It is the Museum’s aim to expand the presentation to include the simple anonymous people who risked their lives to save the persecuted, with a display devoted to the Greek “Righteous of the Nations”, who have been honoured by the Yad Vashem Foundation in Israel.



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