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  Educational Programs for Groups and Families
  • "Food"
    The Jewish Museum of Greece took part in the programme of the Greek Ministry of Education under the title “European days of Cultural Heritage ". The year’s theme was “Culture at the table-Various approaches of the History of Nutrition” and the J.M.G. invited and families who would like to take part in the programme “Welcome to our table” which took place for thefirst time in September 2005.

    The participants learned about the dietary rules of the Jewish religion and the forbidden foods. They also found out about certain food-related customs pertaining to various Jewish holidays, by tasting each holiday’s traditional Greek Jewish specialty. An informational leaflet, recipes and a list of the dietary rules of Judaism accompanied the programme.

    As several educators expressed a wish to participate in such a programme with their pupils, the Museum decided to include it in its permanent repertoire of educational programmes available for schools.

  • "Easter-Pesach"
    Intercultural education accounts for a large part of the Jewish Museum’s work and efforts. It is a matter of crucial importance nowadays, since the children can - by learning about traditions other than their own, in this case the Jewish religion of their compatriots - learn how to respect and appreciate difference.

    A characteristic example of this effort is the educational programme for families titled Easter-Pesach, which took place with the cooperation of the Hellenic Children’s Museum on the latter’s premises in spring of 2001. Parents and children had the chance to find out about the Jewish Pesach, and by comparing it with the Christian Easter discover similarities and differences.

    This was the first in a series of educational programmes for families planned by the Museum.


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