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  Wednesday, 30th April 2014

Through the presentation of more than 200 exhibits, augmented by images, scientific monographs and notes, the Guidebook of Jewish Museum of Greece introduces the richness and variety of its collections, offering a timeless, representative image of the history and art of the Greek Jews.

Based on the exhibits themselves, documented and analyzed by the Museum's experts and internationally recognized specialists, 2.300 years ofJewish presence in Greece are traced back, revealing for the first time to such an extent, a world which despite the chasm left behind by the Holocaust, persists in preserving its colourful tiles, within the Greek cultural mosaic.

Publisher: The Jewish Museum of Greece, 2013
Dimensions: 20x26,5 cm
Pages: 288
Images: 354
Available in English and Greek
Available in paperback and hardcover
ISBN Greek Edition: 978-960-88853-5-6
ISBN English Edition: 978-960-88853-6-3

For more information about the presentation, kindly contact the Museum Offices at tel. +30-210 3225582 or by e-mail at info@jewishmuseum.gr.

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