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  «The Jewish Community of Ioannina. A Journey through Time»

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«The Jewish Community of Ioannina. A Journey through Time»
An exhibition of the Jewish Museum of Greece in collaboration with the Municipal Gallery of Ioannina

The exhibition has been created and produced by the Jewish Museum of Greece (JMG) and will be presented in cooperation with the Municipal Gallery of Ioannina, within the framework of a series of events for the “70 years from the Holocaust of the Jews of Ioannina”. The events are co-organized by the Municipality of Ioannina, the Jewish Community of Ioannina, the Jewish Museum of Greece and the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and will take place in Ioannina from March, 28th until March, 30th 2014. The exhibition will be presented at the Municipal Gallery of Ioannina from March, 29th until May, 16th 2014.

As a historical, folk art and ethnographic Museum, the JMG focuses on presenting a lively image of the history and tradition of the Greek Jewish communities throughout the centuries. The exhibition entitled “The Jewish Community of Ioannina. A Journey through Time” belongs in this framework of activities, and aims to highlight and promote the Romaniote tradition that flourished in this part of Greece.
The thematic units of the exhibition include information on the historical course, religious tradition, synagogual architecture, everyday life, costumes, domestic worship, communal organization, professional life, education, language, arts and letters. Aside from the historical and ethnographic approach of this subject, the exhibition examines its social dimensions, with emphasis into the life, work and times of the poet Josef Eligia.
The exhibition content comes from the Museum’s Collections and Photographic Archive and dates from the late 19th c. and the 20th c. It includes a number of engravings, photos, artifacts and etchings accompanying and illustrating the explanatory texts. With this exhibition, the JMG aims to present to the townsfolk of Ioannina, but also to its international visitors and guests, the life and work of the well known and important poet of Ioannina, Joseph Eligia, and the timeless face of the local Jewish Community, illustrating a little known aspect of the multicultural past and present of the city.
In addition, following a JMG proposal, the Ministry of Education approved an educational school contest, which took place among the schools of Epirus, during the period December 2013 to February 2014. The students that took part in this contest, created texts or videos related to the Holocaust of the Greek Jewry and the fate of the local community. The essays were evaluated by a special committee, which was formed by appointees of the Department of Peripheral Education in Epirus, the Jewish Community of Ioannina and the Jewish Museum of Greece. Ten of the participating students, who will receive their distinction within the framework of the 70th anniversary’s events, will have the opportunity to visit with their teachers the Museum and Monument of Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, under the sponsorship of the Jewish Museum of Greece.
For more information and relevant material, please contact the Jewish Museum of Greece, 39 Nikis Str., 10557 Athens, Tel: 210 - 32 25 582, fax: 210 - 32 31 577, e-mail: info@jewishmuseum.gr, website: www.jewishmuseum.gr, Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 09:00 - 14:30.

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