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  The Οfficial National Day for Holocaust Remembrance

For the commemoration of the National Day of Remembrance for Victims and Heroes of the Holocaust, set by the Greek Parliament on the 27th January every year, the Jewish Museum of Greece presents two relevant temporary exhibitions. In collaboration with the Jewish Community of Athens, the temporary exhibition “The Memorial: 16 Artists Propose" presents the proposals of 16 artists and the procedure that led to the establishment of this new memorial place within the urban landscapeof the capital, in May 2010.
In addition, another temporary exhibition is presented, entitled ‘The Holocaust of the Greek Jews, 1941-1944: Personal Testimonies’. The exhibition examines the situation in Greece during the German Occupation, the first antisemitic measures taken by the Germans in Thessaloniki, presenting the fate of Jewish Communities around the country, through personal accounts selected from the Archive of Oral Testimonies of the JMG. The incredible hardships people experienced in those days, include stories of some who escaped to the Middle East or to the mountains, to join the Resistance movement, and of others, who managed to go into hiding, aided by their compatriots, as well as other aspects of the Holocaust, such as life in the concentration camps, and accounts of the state of the Jewish Communities that were reconstituted after the war.

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