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  Monday 16 August 2010

Οn Monday 16th August 2010, the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, with his wife Sarah, visited the Jewish Museum of Greece. They were guided through the exhibition areas and were briefed on the main programs and projects of the JMG. Afterwards, they had a brief meeting at the Museum library with representatives of Greek Jewry. The officers responsible for the Prime Minister’s security had requested that local representation be kept to a minimum for security reasons. Therefore, the JMG was represented by the President, Mr. M. Matsas, and the President of the Association of Friends, Mr. G. Natan. Also present were Mr. D. Saltiel, President of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece and the J.C. of Thessaloniki, Mr. B. Albalas, President of the J.C. of Athens, Mr. S. Maissis, President of the J. C. of Chalkis, Mr. M. Magrizos, President of the J. C. of Larissa, and Mr. D. Taraboulous, President of O.P.A.I.E. It is important to mention that the JMG was the first stop of this first official visit by an Israeli Prime Minister to our country, to which he came directly after his arrival to Athens. Mr Netanyahu impressed the Museum officials and staff with the depth of his knowledge and his keen interest. He requested to receive digital copies of certain artifacts he viewed in the exhibition areas. The Prime Minister of Israel and his wife expressed themselves very positively on their visit to the JMG.

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